MYSecurityCenter´s new Antivirus product selected as the world´s best security program for the fifth time.


It is now a fact! MYSecurityCenter has entered into a remarkable partnership with Bitdefender, fifth time winner of ´World´s Best Antivirus´ by the most influential antivirus test organization in the world,


The new partnership means that MYSecurityCenter – leader in PC and Internet Security – is now able to offer the best and most efficient antivirus product in the world.


A recent report published on 11th April 2012 from declared Bitdefender the world´s reigning antivirus champion for the fifth time providing it with the highest score of 17 points amongst 22 other home user security products. And now that MYSecurityCenter´s antivirus product “MYInternetSecurity” is driven by the award winning Bitdefender, MYSecurityCenter has gone one step closer towards the objective of offering the best security solution in the world.


We have for a long time been recognized for having full focus on user experience, service and support. We are getting very high satisfaction ratings in the industry on various customer review sites such as Trustpilot.


Therefore, it is natural for us also to strive towards having the absolute best technology, Janus R. Nielsen, MYSecurityCenter CEO says.

-MYSecurityCenter has a clear strategy about only delivering the best. Their service and support offering is receiving very positive feedback from the users. According to the independent customer rating site Trustpilot, MYSecurityCenter has reached the position as number one amongst all security software companies for best service and support with a score of 9,3 out of 10 and with an even better antivirus program, MYSecurityCenter is now ready to conquer further market shares.
-We have been testing quite a few products and technologies for almost 2 years now and have chosen Bitdefender as our supplier due to its high quality and leading position, explains Janus R. Nielsen.


MYSecurityCenter will be offering their new antivirus products before the end of May.


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To see the new test report that ranks Bitdefender at the top from visit the AV-Test site


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Tips & Tricks for your Smartphone

Avoid malware on your smartphone!

• Do some research before downloading
Before you install an app, do some research on it. Check the reviews on Android Market and the other app stores. Are they positive? If there are no reviews and the app is not brand new, you should get suspicious. Also check to see what acknowledged websites such as PCWorld, ComputerWorld, AppBrain, AppCircus etc. say about it. You can also check who the developers behind the app are. If they do not even have a website, you should probably stay away.

• Check the permission on personal data collect
A good idea is to always check what kind of data your app has access to before you download it. For instance, there is no need for a bar code scanner-app to have permission to look through your contacts or localize you via GPS. If an app is asking for too much unnecessary information you should reconsider the download.

• Don’t use automatic logins
Don’t set an app that has access to your bank account to log in automatically. Set your phone to lock after it has been on for a certain period of time. That will make it more difficult for others to access your data.

• Make sure your phone has an antivirus scanner installed
With antivirus applications you can scan your phone and avoid installing files with known malware and viruses. Most programs allow you to track and lock your phone down remotely if you lose it, and to back up your personal data. All features that our antivirus apps MYAndroidProtection and MYMobileProtection have.

• Watch also out for scams on your phone
Just as it happens on your PC, your phone is also a target for scammers. Fake websites try to trick people into entering personal data and some sites also make you download malware on your phone just by entering it.

• Be aware of fake QR-codes
Look carefully at the link that pops up when you scan a QR-barcode with the camera on your smartphone. If it contains many numbers and symbols and it does not match the ad or text that you scanned, stay away from it.