We need even more staff – Client Services Manager


Client services manager

We are seeking a highly skilled individual with the extremely important task of managing our affiliate network.
These clients are essential to the business and therefore need full focus and attention.
Daily updates, weekly personalised reports, continuously looking to build the relationship and looking for further opportunities.
With this role comes additional responsibility reporting directly to the CFO, working closely with and assisting the sales manager with stats and training.
The candidate will be a quick learner, have excellent communication skills verbal and written, forward thinking, ambitious and professional.
This is a key role in the business and provides a real opportunity within a growing company.
Further information or to hand in CV: gary@mysecuritycenter.com

3 Main Reasons Your PC May Be Running Slowly

Tired of your computer taking ages to start up and feeling that it is working against you? IT expert Janus R. Nielsen from MYSecurityCenter gives advice on how you can ensure smooth PC performance.

  1. Too many programs are running at the same time

It is very common for PC users to download programs that automatically run in the background. These can be applications or utilities and this could be one of the reasons your PC is running slow. The more programs that are running – whether or not you see them – the more it takes a toll on your PC’s resources, especially on your RAM.

Random-access memory (RAM) is what your computer uses for temporary processing of the data inside your PC. The more the program running at the same time, the more RAM is used.

How to solve

Try to avoid downloading web browser helpers, applications that claim to speed up your PC, or and too many utilities programs that promise to help your PC.

Try to avoid installing more than one internet security program. As these programs work best alone they will take a toll on your PC, especially when you have more than one internet security program.

Try to run fewer programs at a time or upgrade your RAM.


  1. Fragmented hard drive

Using your PC a lot can mean your hard drive will become disorganised without regular defragmentation. Hard drive is the library part of your computer where everything is stored, everything from large programs to small files like photos and documents. The hard drive of your computer proceses a lot of files back and forth on your PC based on your own usage. The PC saves a lot of time by scattering bits of files in different places rather than all together. So without regular maintenance your “Libery” will become so disorganised that your computer takes longer and longer to find your files which slows down your PC. It sounds complicated but this is basically the way your hard drive works.

How to solve

“Defragmentation” is where all your files are put back in the right places, so they are easier to find. Therefore your PC will be able to operate more quickly.

Make sure to defragment your hard drive to help the computer organize itself.


  1. Virus or malware infection

A virus or malware infection is very common nowadays. Especially if the PC doesn’t have the proper protection while being connected to the internet. Even with proper protection you cannot completely prevent malware from getting on your PC. Some of the typical symptoms would be internet slowdowns, slower PC operation than normal, unwanted pop up commercials (typically porn, lottery campaign etc.), unwanted programs and e-mails.

How to solve

Ensure to have a proper internet security for your PC.

You must have a good internet security program that will ensure the safety of your PC while being connected to the internet. You are welcome to get our free antivirus program which is based on the best antivirus technology in the world. Go to our web page and choose a convenient time to get our IT expert to call you and install the program.