Encrypted USB drives – perfect gadget for travelling


More and more people carry sensitive and private data on portable devices. But what about the security level?


“Lately we have seen an increasing demand from our customers asking for more security on their USB drives. USB drives are today used by everyone and it is one of the best selling products on any consumer IT shop, both online and retail. Therefore we have decided to release a super cool, very secure and yet very affordable USB drive”, says Janus R. Nielsen, CEO of MYSecurityCenter.
Secure and affordable:


He explains, that it has been his goal to launch a very secure drive at a fair price and with quite a large memory of 16 GB. The USB drive contains a technology called MYEasyLock, with password protection and military strength encryption, so only you can access your data. Despite the high security level, the stick is very easy to use. With the “drag and drop” function it is possible to move files, pictures and documents around and all data will automatically be password protected and encrypted. “Our customer is the average user and our focus has always been of “ease of use” combined with top customer service and support”, Janus R. Nielsen says.


The encrypted USB drives come in two different forms; a credit card or a key which makes it easy to carry around in a purse or a key bundle. So now you can travel safely and always have your passwords, bank details and other sensitive data with you.


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Have a good and safe holiday!


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