MYSecurityCenter partner with the recognized worldwide leader in PC and Internet security to deliver the best security ever!


MYSecurityCenter, one of the leaders in consumer PC and Internet security today announce a remarkable partnership with the vendor behind the best consumer PC and Internet security software in the world; Bitdefender.


“We have for a long time been recognized for having a huge focus on user experience, service and support. We are getting very high satisfaction ratings in the industry on various customer review sites like Trustpilot. Therefore it has been natural for us also to strive towards having the best technology”, Janus R. Nielsen, MYSecurityCenter CEO today said on a press conference at the company’s headquarter in Malaga, Spain.


For almost two years we have been testing quite a few products and technologies and have now chosen Bitdefender as our supplier. Therefore it is very exciting to learn that we are not alone in considering the Antivirus and Internet security technology from Bitdefender the best in the world. is the most influential and most important Antivirus test organization in the world. They rank Bitdefender technology as number 1 in the world and winner in the most important test of the year.


We are determined to deliver the best overall protection, user experience, service and support ever seen in the consumer security industry and with a competitive price tag. I expect us to sell our MYAntivirus at 29,99 GBP for a 1 user and 39,99 GBP for a 3 user version. Our MYInternetSecurity will be sold at 49,99 GBP for a 1 user and 69,99 GBP for a 3 user version.


Additionally our 3 user versions will include free un-installation of current security software and free installation of our product, as well as free PC cleanup and optimization service. Both services have a value of 19 GBP each and will be conducted by our certified and professional IT supporters via our unique PC “remote takeover” technology.


It will certainly be the best, most comprehensive, easy to use security solution, with the best service and support on the market. This is exactly what we have been aiming for since making the decision on this strategy some years ago, ended Janus R. Nielsen.


“We are pleased that MYSecurityCenter has chosen Bitdefender as a strategic partner to provide the best possible solution for securing consumer PCs. The combination of Bitdefender’s industry-leading security software and MYSecurityCenter’s top ranked service & support offering delivers a new level of peace of mind to users,” states Peter Laakkonen, General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing at Bitdefender.


For more info about MYSecurityCenter’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 from Trustpilot, please visit TrustPilot


For more info about and “The best Internet Security in the world”, please visit AV-Test. org

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