Hang up if “Microsoft” is calling you


Be aware of a new scam that has been making the rounds recently – scammers calling through the phone and posing as people from Microsoft, scaring victims into paying for bogus services and stealing their credit information.


The hackers say they are from Microsoft Customer Service and that you have a virus or a system failure on your PC. And that the error can be fixed immediately, if only you pay a small amount for repair. Besides that, they also try to get you to install a virus on your PC so they can abuse it in the future. Microsoft has therefore listed the following procedure for their PC users, in order for them to know what to alert themselves to:


This is how the hackers do it:


– The person claims he or she represents Microsoft, one of their brands as Windows / Office or one of their partners


– The person says they are investigating a computer problem or a virus that is registered at Microsoft on your computer


– He or she tells you that they can correct the error if you go to a specific website


– When entering the site, hackers try to take control of your PC


– The false representative would, as a special “service”, show the alleged problems by taking remote control of your PC


– Throughout the process they will persuade you to pay a fee to “repair” your PC


Microsoft never calls


Be aware that Microsoft hardly ever calls their customers unless you ask them to,and if they do so, they will never call to identify viruses or ask for personal information. So if you are exposed to that, the best advice is to hang up immediately. There is no doubt that we will see more scams using the same approach in the future – it may be a phone call from your bank or even IT support. “The best thing is to have the proper security protocols in place so you can verify the identity of the people who are calling you, says Marion Williams, Customer Service Manager at MYSecurityCenter. “Ask them for some personal data on you. Can they provide you with a customer number? Which department are they calling from? What is the address and phonenumber? Can you call them back? That gives you time to look up the information to see if it actually belongs to the company.” It is also important to keep your system safe by having a good security program installed. “With a good security program your PC will check if the websites are safe or not”, she says. Please feel free to contact support@mysecuritycenter.com if you wish to discuss how to protect your PC the best way.


7 thoughts on “Hang up if “Microsoft” is calling you

  1. this has happened to me ,,, i refused to give them money and they swore at me ,,,, I am now afraid for my computer safty and what they know about my bank details

  2. I had a caller the other day, He told me his company was a Microsoft partner and then spent over 20 minutes telling me that I had numerous error messages on my computer. I was suspicious of him from the outset but let him rabbit on – without having any access to my computer – until eventually the call suddenly terminated. I was able to find the number he was calling from and rang it back, only to find it was ‘unobtainable’. Presumably the telephone supplier pulled the plug. (UK)

  3. Another way to deal with this. When they ring listen to what they have to say, you say how interesting this is and thank the caller for being so kind to warn you. Explain your computer is in another room and you will need to turn it on. Be very polite and ask the person to please hang on. About 5mins later lift phone again and if the person is still on phone explain you are having problem starting computer but you are very keen to get their help and ask them to hold on. String them along as long as you can,at least you will have wasted some of their time.

  4. I have this scam phoning me at least 3 times a week, stating they need to refund money they owe me for a protection programme I purchased 2 years ago. They are after details of bank account to be able to refund this money! Also be aware that they want Pay-pal details as well. They are very persistent.

  5. I got a call off these 15/6/2012 and like a fool let them go through my kids PC (no credit card details) not that soft !they then tried to sell me their ANTI VIRUS told them was overdrawn on my card so couldn’t use it.I was passed to 5/6 people all trying to sell me this virus remover hacker blocker you name it it done it.I said Ive just bought the new McAfee for £29 that’s no good its the worst on the market they said.In the end I told them Ive just lost my job 3 weeks ago and there’s more important things to buy such as food for my family.Eventually they gave up but not before promising not to take any money for 4 weeks off my card they just wanted the number I new that.They never got it 1.5 hrs I was on the phone for in total Keeping the phone line blocked so you cant check them out I bet.We just used a laptop for that.They use a free program to let them into your PC Microsoft would have there own I’m sure of that.Any way always be careful when it comes to people out of the blue ringing you or Emailing you.These even new what system I had tho and our family name were Ex-directory.They said from our registration was were info came from so not sure there.Thanks for reading tho Byee

  6. I’ve been caught by this scam, back in April this year. They tried it again just over a week ago, but I terminated the call, but only after a 40 minute argument trying to get some assurance of who they actually were. My bank are currently investigating this fraud & I ( hopefully ) will get my money back, but I’m not hopeful. I have also had my PC completely cleaned up & new security installed.

  7. 24seven rang me up annd did this. They tried to sign me up for 3 years at £299 but it was all very convincing and I paid £129 for a year of cover. Is there anything I can do to get my money back? Is my computer at risk from them

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