The new and award winning antivirus from MYSecurityCenter is now available!


Finally, At MYSecurityCenter we are proud to announce that our new antivirus products MYInternetSecurity and MYAntivirus now are available on our website. The technology behind these products, Bitdefender Internet Security, was named the ´Best Protection 2011´ by the independent and recognized testing company This means that we can now meet our goal to offer the best customer service and support combined with the world’s best security program. You are welcome to try MYInternetSecurity free for 30 days on


Three years ago at MYSecurityCenter we took the decision that we would provide the best service and support combined with the best security product on the market. After taking the decision, we have worked hard to improve our service. We have committed ourselves to responding to customer inquiries within 24 hours and to offer remote support to everyone who needs to resolve problems with the installation of our software. The strategy has been a success to the point that we have achieved being number one amongst all security software companies on with a score of 9.3 out of 10 points for best service and support. Trustpilot is an independent website that collects customer comments and reviews from people who have purchased a product.


“Our customer service is today among the very best services in the industry, but to meet our goal, it was necessary also to get hold of the best technology provider on the market. For several months we therefore tested different security software programs before we decided on Bitdefender. Bitdefender is simply the best product in the world. So now we can rightly claim that we offer the best security solution that exits for private PC users, “says MYSecurityCenter CEO Janus R. Nielsen.


On our website you can try our complete security product MYInternetSecurity free for 30 days. Check it out, see what you think and give us your feedback. Enjoy!

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