Hacking (Part 1) – Guard your email account


How to PREVENT your email account from being hacked


How do you know that your email was hacked?
-You can’t log into your email account.
-Your sent folder contains messages that you never sent.
-Your email contacts inform you that they have been receiving spam messages from your


What can you do if your email has been hacked?
-Change your password
-Check all your other accounts: email, social networks, blogs, etc.
    Especially if you use the same password for all your accounts
-Delete all accounts that you don’t use
    If hackers get into email accounts that you don’t use anymore, it takes longer time     before you discover it – and the hacker will have more time to do damage.
-Send an apology to all your email contacts.


How can you prevent hackers from getting into your email account?
-Don’t choose a typical password
    Many people use easy-to-guess passwords such as their own names with their     birthdates at the end. It is better to combine upper case and lower case letters along     with numbers and symbols.
-Change your password at regular intervals.
-Change your password every one to three months.
-Give only your email address to websites that you trust


Look out for PART TWO tomorrow …..


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