Microsoft warning over browser security flaw


Microsoft has issued a “critical” warning over a newly-discovered flaw in Windows. The bug affects every version of Microsoft’s Windows system. In a security advisory, the company warned of a loophole that could be used by malicious hackers to steal private information or hijack computers. The bug potentially affects every user of the Internet Explorer web browser – around 900 million people worldwide. Microsoft has issued a software patch to defend against attacks, and said it was working to develop a long-term fix.

Although the flaw is actually inside Windows itself, it only appears to affect the way that Internet Explorer handles some web pages and documents. Microsoft admitted that the problem meant users could easily be fooled into downloading malicious files by doing something as simple as clicking on a web link. Once the computer had been hijacked, hackers could use it to steal personal data or send users to fake websites, she added.

Although Microsoft said it had seen no evidence that the glitch had already been exploited by hackers, it warned that research had shown it was a serious threat and have issued a “fix it” security patch to protect users while they are developing a more permanent solution.

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