New impressive and very comprehensive FREE PC security package.

MYFREEAntivirus is the name of a new and very impressive PC security product which is now available for all private PC users. Until now the free antivirus programs have been quite basic, and not as comprehensive. In addition, they are all characterised as such, and not provided any form of support for the products.  This new free version which is named MYFREEAntivirus 2010, is a very comprehensive all-in-one solution. This means that not only does it protect you from viruses, but also from credit card fraud, identity theft, internet fraud and spyware. It also contains an antiroot kit and malware protection. Even better, it  comes with professional and free support, by e-mail, telephone or even remote PC take over.

So, how can we offer a comprehensive product and with very exceptional support absolutely free, when all other free packages are rather simple and without any support? Because, we want to be different and go against the flow, says Janus R Nielsen from MYFREEAntivirus .dk.  Our company started seven years ago and has more than 16 million users worldwide, has gained extensive experience and we have listened to what our users want.

We have just launched our new identity, strategy, website and products, which we have been working on for more than two years, and we believe that it is exactly what the private consumer wants. We now have one of the broadest product ranges in the industry, far greater than what e.g. Norton, Bullguard and others  offer to private users.

Our only focus is private consumers and their needs. Simple and easy to use and at the best price, is our goal. We are thinking big now, but we believe and hope that the market will welcome that. We believe that by offering a product for free, we can get our customers to use more of our products, and services and thereby earn our money on product 2 and 3. But those who just want to use our free product are of course also welcome.

All our products have the same very simple design, there is a clear line through our website and our products. We provide comprehensive and free support, unlimited and free phone support and even free “remote take over” of the user’s PC, says  Janus R Nielsen.

Read more about the new free security packages and get your own version at:

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  1. Certainly I would like to try MyFree Antivirus. Years back I was bit apprehensive so I stuck with time tested free and paid antivirus like AVG, Avast, Avira,Kaspersky,Rising and Jiangmin Antivirus 2010. I have used them and quite satisfied. My inquisitiveness brought here. As I always look out for free and best antivirus solutions. I used MySecurity Center Internet Security 2009 for a while. Its not a bad product but consumes a bit of extra RAM. I think you guys must take look in this. Bit of suspicion that MyFree Antivirus may not have 24X update services like others.

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