Antivirus protection is a must when using the internet


It is vital for your personal computer to have antivirus firewall software, or your computer may possibly be taken over by unwanted programs. If your personal computer was compromised, its intruder has the capability to do anything on your pc including the identification of your passwords, reading your emails, constantly creating pop up advertisements, reading all documents stored in the personal computer, sending out spam from your system which could be harmful to your friends’ computers at the same time, and copying illegal files into your machine.

Beware of a new virus threat called “here you have”


It arrives in an e-mail with “here you have” in the subject. ABC News reported that among others NASA, Comcast, and ABC’s parent Disney were hit hard. This threat isn’t a worm. It can’t attack your computer by itself. In fact, it can’t do anything at all unless you click on the wrong link, once you do that it can infect connected computers and USB drives. The fact that it managed to spread widely through various multinational businesses doesn’t say a lot for the security savvy of the workers.

People! DO NOT click links in e-mail messages from unknown people. DO NOT even click links in e-mail messages from your friend, since the real source of the message might be a virus. DO keep your computer protected with an antivirus. That way if you click the wrong link in a fit of weakness, you’ll still be protected from whatever new threat replaces “here you have”.

Did you know that…


Malware is a malicious term for viruses and is well-known that it can wreak havoc with your computer. Malware is from time to time known as a virus, Trojan horse, and certain kinds of hijacking spyware. These forms of spyware are programmed to gather private information like online transaction passwords, internet banking passwords, email passwords, credit card information, and social security numbers for internet fraud. A large amount of the malware can alter default program settings to provide an attacker access to your computer operating system or network. It can also track an internet user’s regular websurfing activity to obtain data. This information is then sent off to the criminal with the help of an email without the users knowledge or intercession. People who install peer to peer programs online have a good probability of their computer being contaminated with malware.

To prevent getting ripped off, do not download any software program that pops up saying; “Warning Adware Detected within Your Computer”. This is fake software and the spyware that infects your PC will be the fake anti spyware software package that you have just installed.

– And make sure that your PC is protected by Antivirus software.