Fired because of a virus on the mobile

You should take note of the following story. Can you imagine what would happen if all your sms messages were sent to everyone on your phone list? At the minimum complete embarrassment, at the maximum “You are fired”.

Virus attacks are not yet frequent on mobile phones, but the latest threat is likely to send a shiver down the spine of all Android users. A businessman whose phone had been infected by a virus found that his entire phone list had been sent a copy of all his sms messages.

The businessman discovered that sensitive messages had been sent to colleagues on his phone list, which included partners at the company. He was fired because of negative comments he’d made about his colleagues in what he thought were private messages. Continue reading

Tip of the week!

Your antivirus program plays a big role protecting your credit card. A good program can ensure that shopping online is just as safe as when you use your credit card in the local shopping center.