Be safe when you go on vacation


The summer is here and for a lot of people that means new and exciting destinations.
In the airport people often have a laptop with them, along with their swimsuits and their sunglasses. Today it is almost impossible to think, that you would go on vacation without having the possibility of using the internet. And on most holiday resorts you can use a wireless connection. Not many of us give it much thought, that this will increase the risk of being attacked by a virus or a hacker. But by following some simple safety rules you can protect your laptop.

When you use a wireless connection in a public area, this is often where things go wrong. If you login to an unsafe network, people with the right tools can see your password and perhaps steal from your bank account for example. Another risk factor is that different people may use the same computer, family and friends that you are travelling with, this means that you have no control over which sites they visit or the content within them.
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David Guilfoyle says…

Gino was very understanding, courteous and helpful. With his help I got my software installed and running like clockwork. And Marion organised just what she promised to do. A bit unusual in my experience, I even think I was helped with issues that were not strictly security software issues.
David Guilfoyle

Lisbeth Salanders world versus your World


The Millennium series is without doubt one of the most popular films from Europe ever, the movies is based on the bestseller books, written by the late Stieg Larsson. In the movies Lisbeth Salander is a hardcore super hacker. Smoothly she attacks computers, stealing whatever suits her. Imagine if it was your computer?

But is she out there? – Yes, very much indeed, but probably in a male version. And you can be absolutely sure that he is exactly as good as Lisbeth, he would even be able to give Lisbeth Salander a serious fight. He can successfully break into your email address, access your online banking. Or the most frightening scenario steal your identity.

“Most of us don’t think about the risks we take every day when we are online. Not before it is too late, we begin to think about to install security software, says Janus R. Nielsen from MYSecurityCenter “

In the last film of the Millenium trilogy ” The girl who kicked the Hornet´s Nest ” Michael Blomqvist gets his computer stolen, and of course it contains, some very important files. If Michael Blomqvist had been using the product MYTheftProtection, from MYSecurityCenter, he would have been able to secure the files on his computer.

MYTheftProtection 2010 makes you able to:
See the location on your computer
To find out which network your computer is logged on and which internet provider.
Secure your documents so that no one, other than yourself can see them
Make backup of your important files, even after your computer has disappeared
If a webcam is available, you can see the person sitting at your computer
Shut down the computer after you’ve backed up your most important data, so that no one other than you can use the computer
In the event that an unauthorized person uses your computer and does not want to cooperate with the local authorities, you can choose to use remote control and delete your hard disk.

What would it mean for you if your computer was stolen? MYSecurityCenter also offers security software where you´re not only safe from hackers, but also viruses, credit card fraud internet fraud, identity theft, and spyware. In addition, it also includes antirootkit protection and malware.

Our consumers says…


I purchased the VIP Service as an Up sell from the MIS software and it has been invaluable, not only do the MSC team offer help with their software they also go that extra mile and have helped me with other aspects not relating to them at all.
Great service and would recommend it to all those who are not that Computer Savvy yet !

MYTheftProtection is a great anti-theft software. After reporting my stolen laptop missing, within minutes I was able to recover my personal files, view screenshots of the desktop, IP logs and also a webcam video of the thief. Later I recovered both my laptop and my files. Thank you MYSecurityCenter!
Karen Thomson, 37, London
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