High ranking award for the technology behind MYInternetSecurity, CA and MYFreeAntivirus

MYSecurityCenter currently has the most recommended and trusted security software on the market. Our software has already won several awards and certificates. It has recently earned the Checkmark Platinum Product Award from highly acclaimed West Coast Labs. Only 4 vendors have earned this highest of awards within the security software industry. The only other vendors are Kaspersky, AVG and Webroot. Among others, Symantec and McAfee have not earned this award!
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Internet safety for children should be given HIGH priority.

These days almost every country around Europe is running campaigns for safety online. Campaigns designed to help children and teenagers to learn to behave safely online, and protect them against unpleasant experiences. The campaigns are very necessary says Janus R Nielsen, from MYSecurityCenter one of Europe’s leading companies within PC, Internet and Mobile safety for private use.

“The problem rapidly becomes worse and worse, children today are practically born with the Internet and they are often super users before the age of 10. There are many dangers and we feel it is extremely important to try to provide as much information as possible. As a responsible company, we understand the importance of increasing people’s understanding on how to keep their children safe whilst online, says Janus Nielsen from MYSecurityCenter. That is exactly why we have agreed to participate very actively in the nationwide campaign as we consider this as an extremely serious campaign “Netsikker nu”.

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Win an iPhone

Along with our brand new identity, strategy, and website we are now on Facebook. Within our profile you will find competitions, great offers and news about internet safety.

You now have the chance to win an IPhone, all you have to do is go into our profile, become a friend and write a comment about your MYSecurityCenter Product and experience. The winner will be published on Facebook on the 18th of June.

Go to Facebook now! http://www.facebook.com/pages/MYSecurityCenter/119821671389770

New website released SOON !

At this moment we are working very hard to get our brand new website ready. We are launching a whole new identity, strategy, website and the broadest product ranges in the industry.

All our products have the same very simple design; there is a clear line through our website and our products. Simple and easy to use and at the best price is our goal. Website and products has been developed together with highly acclaimed Zupa and Frog Design, which among others are behind the design of many of the successful Apple and Disney products.

“We wanted to create the best and easiest possible website with the absolute best user interface and that’s why we turned to the best in the business. It has been almost a 2 year journey with thousands of hours of work, but we are sure our customers are going to appreciate the simplicity and ease of use” Janus R Nielsen, CEO of MySecurityCenter.  
Keep an eye on: www.mysecuritycenter.com, a lot will happen in the near future